Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet the Ladies and Girls

So my first flock was 6 chicks! They were so healthy and then I didn't protect them enough from the dogs and I lost four of them:(:( Very sad day in my life! These two were my Lucky Ducks! Cleo (a Black Australorp) and Chick(Caden(4) named her) She is a Speckled Sussex

They are BEST FRIENDS they don't go anywhere without each other! When one is laying an egg the other is usually quietly clucking waiting for them to be done:)
So to build my flock back up I got these 5 chicks. They are 3 months old now and so happy and healthy! They are really starting to get along with the big girls!

These are my 2 favorites! "Goldie"(Gold Buff Orphington) and "Peep"(she was a fluffy yellow thing when she was small) Pretty sure she is a White Leg Horn.

The other 3 are all Americanas. The one on the wagon up front with the puffy neck is not mine. I am raising it for my sister, the one the wagon to the left is "Phoenix" and the grey girl down behind is "Pepper" These girls are supposed to lay colored eggs:) And that's Goldie again up in front:)

I am going to do a post on my coup and run soon:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bad Bug!!!

The Tomato Horn Worm!

I got them before they did too much damage and the chickens loved the snack!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We've been harvesting quite a bit of maters this month! We have (heirloom) large cherry tomatoes(I started from seed) Early girl from Costco and Beef Master from Costco.

My Beef Masters have been splitting on top so I went online to find out why and I think I found the answer. If your plants get a dry spell(you ignored them on a very hot weekend) and then you water them (a lot to beg for forgiveness) Then the inside swells and the skin splits. Seems about right. Did these splits effect the taste.?.?.?


So tasty!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is it ready yet???? Corn!

I ate this corn cob a week ago and it was very yummy! But, I don't think it was quite ready to be picked because it was still small??
So I waited another week to pick theses guys! They were bigger and I peeled them back to poke a kernel with my nail, the liquid was milky:) I still wasn't sure so I peeled back further and I noticed that the kernels were starting to get smashed together to look more like rectangles. The top picture shows that the kernels are still pretty round.

So first check for brown tassels, then that it is of good size, then the finger nail test for milky liquid, and last for smashed, rectangle kennels:) Then taste test it:)

I am having this for dinner tomorrow! Yum, Yum!!!

Starting Seeds

My Dad helped me build this seed starting station. It's set up in the school room right now and Caden(4) and Drake(3) helped me plant some water melon, cantaloupe, squash, zucchini and beans! We will be putting them out mid July. I used big pots because I want to end up with 3 plants per pot so I just started with bigger pots to save having to transplant them later:)

We also started our traditional seed bag so that we can observe the seeds sprouting before they come up from the soil!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Skinny on Corn

I never knew how corn grew. When I read the Garden Guy book I was very confused about hairs and block planting and pollinating each hair??? Now that I have grown some corn, I've got it all figured out...Mostly;)

So first they grow nice and tall and these things shoot out of the top. They were much fuller but this picture was taken after the pollinating process so they are a bit spent:)

Then, down below, shoots of hairs start growing?? Crazy! So the goal is to get the pollen from the top of the corn to pollinate the hairs below.

For that reason they suggest block planting instead of a row so that the pollen is more likely to reach the hairs. I planted my in a row because they were going to shade squash but the squash didn't make it:( This is what happens when all of the hairs don't get pollinated...

See all the missing kernels?? I didn't eat them! Each hair is connected to each kernel and so if it's not pollinated...No kernel:( I haven't given up on my corn because I picked this yummy little guy today and it was tasty! And he had all of his kernels:)

I have a plan to plant a big block of corn this July so if you live near me you will probably get some for Thanksgiving;)