Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Front Yard Experiment!

So I’ve been trying pots! There are so many on clearance right now that I thought I would do some experimentingSmile I wanted to see what parts of my front yard get enough light so I had these bots spread all over for awhile and observed them, then I grouped them all together in the best spotSmile We have flowers, heirloom red bell peppers, and heirloom cherry tomatoes.044

In this pot we planted a little heirloom herb gardenSmile It’s bigger now and smells great!


My son LOVES cucumbers and we have yet to grow them so we are giving it a try in this big pot, it is bigger then a 5 gallon bucket and I have since weaned it down to 5 sprouts and they are getting their second set of leaves.


The side beds are doing GREAT! They get full sun almost all day, until maybe 5?


Some melons decided to grow from some seeds that survived the composting process. They picked such perfect spots to grow that I just left them! Now we have 6 HUGE melons on two plants!



The basil bolted but still smells amazing and is still benefitting my gardenSmile


Now I am starting all my fall planting! Lettuce varieties, spinach, peas, broccoli, carrots, beets, and moreSmile