Monday, July 25, 2011

Front yard Bed

The whole family worked together to plant this bed! The bed is really a frame because it's just made of 2x4s. We tilled the entire area, watered it deep and then covered it with a tarp to kill any grasses, weeds, or diseases. Then 2 weeks later we piled on 5 wheel barrows full of mostly finished compost. Cooked it for two more weeks and then tilled again before putting the frames in:) Then I added manure just to the beds:) The kids helped me plant bush beans, basil, cilantro and flowers! You can't see most of it because they are still seeds:)

Along the back near the house I plan to plant some tomatoes or peppers:) I need to get those started indoors soon!
Love my little helpers:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can you Be a Mormon and a Vegetarian??

I had a family member ask me for information that I have found on being a vegetarian so I thought I would compile a list for myself and others. I will likely add to this post so that I have a place to keep articles that I like:) I am in no way telling you(the reader) that you need to be a vegetarian! I believe that it is each individuals(or parent's) choice to EAT, Worship, and live how they see fit! This Blog is an outlet for me to share and store my experiences so that I can refer back to them and maybe give others the help they need:)

These First links are Other Later Day Saint Vegetarians Opinions and they put it in to words so nicely that I couldn't dream to explain it any better:)

Whole Foods Vegan Momma

The Word of Wisdom: The forgotten Verse

Interesting Collection of Quotes from Latter Day Prophets! All of them have references and a lot have links to the sources

The Humane Society: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Ensign Article outlining the Word of Wisdom

Cancer, Nutrition and The Word of Wisdom

This is a great site with a wealth of information on Cancer Prevention. Very important to me given my family's history of Cancers.

The Cancer Project:

-Cancer Facts: Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk

-Nutrition For Your Kids: A Dietary Approach to Cancer Prevention

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am an animal lover! I respect nature and I try to get along but when you bite up my babies and send them running inside unable to play in their own must DIE!!! Organically of coarse:) I tried Diatomaceous earth and I think my problem was to large and out of control for it. So I followed The Garden Guy's other advice and that was boiling water right down the whole in the middle of the day! IT WORKS!

See all those glistening black piles??? Those are Ants!!

BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!!!(name that movie) The surviving ants started "cleaning" out the tunnels and create piles of dead ants! I did this for 3 days in a row on all the hills and I'm pretty sure I'm winning!

We'll see if it works to completely get rid of them but for now they are so busy ridding them selves of their dead that they are not running all over my yard and biting my kiddos!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Large Cherry Tomatos

These are heirloom and I will grow them forever! They did so well here and despite a few attacks from tomato horn worms, they gave me(and still are giving) a great harvest for several months! That big one is an early girl:) I collected all of these off of 3 plants after coming back after a 3 day vacation:) Not bad for the end of the season! I'd say I collected about this much once a week once they really got going:) They have a great flavor and I even sliced a few up for a sandwich! It was a little funny but tasted awesome!

If anyone local would like me to start some for them, let me know:)