Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicken + Tunnel= Chunnel

This brilliant woman over at Suburban Homesteading came up with a brilliant Chunnel!!!!!!! I had to do it for my girls! I would love to let them be free range but between preschool and them getting in my garden I just can’t anymore! But then I felt horrible that they were stuck in their run all the time! The chunnel was the perfect solution!!!


My girls love it! They are running up and down it and so obviously happy! I love that they are getting rid of the weeds and bugs that go crazy against this wall! I also enjoy that they can enjoy temperature changes (go where ever the sun or shade is)


It starts at the base of the run…


Turns and goes straight down the wall.


Each section is “sewn” together with wire.


Each junction is also staked down


and it ends right before the RV gate.


The girls are in love!!!!


A view from across the yard! We will be putting another chunnel coming from the other side of the run and down the back wall of the yard!