Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter Rye Lawn

Yummy Grass!

I love my winter lawn this year!!! I failed really bad last year so this year we…


  1. Dethatched the Bermuda with a detaching blade on our mower(very inexpensive from Lowes. Made a huge difference!)
  2. Used the perennial rye seed(more expensive but according to the garden guy it is worth it because it uses less water and fertilizer)
  3. Spread with aged cow manure(97 cents a bag at Lowes) and rabbit feed (50 lb. bag at the Stock Shop for 14 dollars).
  4. Then we NEVER let the seed dry out or puddle! Very important! We watered about 3 or 4 times a day the first week for very short periods of time to keep it moist.

FYI We started this Grass Saturday October 15th and Had a full lush lawn less then 2 weeks later!! Also I kept the kids and Chickens off of it for those 2 weeks:)