Sunday, May 29, 2011

How do Your Tomatos Grow??

So I've gotten a lot of comments lately about my tomato plants and about how big they are and how fast they are growing. So I thought I would do a post about them:) There are 6 Tomato plants in this picture. 3 to the left are heirloom large cherry tomatoes(I started these from seed), The middle is and early girl from Costco, and the one to the right a beefsteak from Costco.
Here's a short video of me talking about my plants. I recorded another one but it was kinda long so this one is the shorter version:)

So the "Teas" I talk about are really easy and GREAT for your plants! Take rabbit pellets, chicken, cow, or rabbit manure, alfalfa hay, or compost and fill a 5 gallon bucket about 1/5 of the was full and then fill the rest with water. Let it steep for 3 days and then pour at ground level to give your plants a good nutritious drink:) Organic Too!!!!

Here's the longer version of the video if you are interested:)

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azplantlady said...


Your tomato plants are just beautiful. I love how you use alfalfa for them. I haven't used alfalfa for tomatoes before, but I used to use alfalfa pellets for my roses, which just loved it. I may have to try alfalfa for my tomatoes next :-)

Noelle (azplantlady)