Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Squash and Zuccini Polinating

I have an Awesome Zucchini plant(front) and a getting there squash plant(back).
I have had to keep the Zucchini trimmed back some to keep it in the 4 by 4 foot space I've given it and the squash got planted later but is also starting to fill it's 4 by 4 space. When I first started seeing flowers I knew that they were either male female but I couldn't tell until which until I finally noticed a female flower. On the inside there are five little fingers like the one below.

The male flower has one single one in the middle, like this.

Here are the 2 side by side. The slender stem is the male and the thick one is the female, and that's the zucchini forming.

This is a picture of the yellow crookneck squash and you can see the little squash at the base of the female flower(up front) and the male flower in the back.

To pollinate your flowers take a small soft paint brush to the center of the male flower and then lightly dust the pollen into the center of the female flower.

So far these plants are doing amazingly well and they are huge and beautiful! Not to mention the Zucchini is delicious;)


Jess, Andy and Avery said...

I did not know you had such an amazing garden and chickens! I am so jealous. I will have to come get some tips from you sometime.

Jessica Smith

Jess, Andy and Avery said...

I had no idea you had such an amazing garden . . . and chickens!! I will definitely have to get some tips from you sometime. It is my dream to have an urban homestead like this.

Jessica Smith