Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet the Ladies and Girls

So my first flock was 6 chicks! They were so healthy and then I didn't protect them enough from the dogs and I lost four of them:(:( Very sad day in my life! These two were my Lucky Ducks! Cleo (a Black Australorp) and Chick(Caden(4) named her) She is a Speckled Sussex

They are BEST FRIENDS they don't go anywhere without each other! When one is laying an egg the other is usually quietly clucking waiting for them to be done:)
So to build my flock back up I got these 5 chicks. They are 3 months old now and so happy and healthy! They are really starting to get along with the big girls!

These are my 2 favorites! "Goldie"(Gold Buff Orphington) and "Peep"(she was a fluffy yellow thing when she was small) Pretty sure she is a White Leg Horn.

The other 3 are all Americanas. The one on the wagon up front with the puffy neck is not mine. I am raising it for my sister, the one the wagon to the left is "Phoenix" and the grey girl down behind is "Pepper" These girls are supposed to lay colored eggs:) And that's Goldie again up in front:)

I am going to do a post on my coup and run soon:)

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