Monday, July 25, 2011

Front yard Bed

The whole family worked together to plant this bed! The bed is really a frame because it's just made of 2x4s. We tilled the entire area, watered it deep and then covered it with a tarp to kill any grasses, weeds, or diseases. Then 2 weeks later we piled on 5 wheel barrows full of mostly finished compost. Cooked it for two more weeks and then tilled again before putting the frames in:) Then I added manure just to the beds:) The kids helped me plant bush beans, basil, cilantro and flowers! You can't see most of it because they are still seeds:)

Along the back near the house I plan to plant some tomatoes or peppers:) I need to get those started indoors soon!
Love my little helpers:)

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Marilyn said...

Can you share which side of the house this is? Does it get afternoon shade? I have given up on planting anything for awhile because it is so hot. I yanked out all my tomatoes and melons. I still have cukes, peppers and a squash plant that I planted in June and I'm trying to nurture through the heat. I've never planted anything this time of year so please keep an update on how your little planties are doing. =)