Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to get your Spinach!

I don't know about you but I know that spinach is amazing nutritionally, however, I have trouble eating it! If I have it in a salad I have to have it mixed with iceberg and even then I don't eat very much! So when I was in Arizona my dad showed me how to make a spinach drink (He invented) that is not only a power house of nutrition but gives you energy to boot! It's also very low calorie and very filling! When you cook food you are breaking down cell walls so that nutrients can be digested however you are also losing nutrients in the cooking prosses. By blending the spinach you are breaking down every cell wall and not losing any of the good stuff. You body is getting 3 times the nutrients it would be getting if you chewed all of the spinach. I recorded a video of me making it and I feel like such a dork in it but I think it's important to see how it's made. Here is what you will need;


10 frozen or fresh strawberries

1/3 to a 1/2 of lime juice, about four limes

1 packet of Crystal Light


Blend it all together in a blender adding enough water to get it all blended, then top it off with water till it makes a complete gallon.

Caden Loves this drink but I like to make him one that is all Natural (No Crystal light).

1 apple peeled or not

1 cup of Water

2 hand fulls of spinach

I like to blend it all together and add more water if it looks too thick. You can also toss any other fruit in along with it, I've done mango, cantaloupe, strawberries, carrots and others. If you think your child might be weary of drinking something green then put it in one of these green cup lid straw combos that you can get at any store for pretty cheap. Now, Caden loves this drink and begs for more but he's never had full strength juice so his taste buds aren't spoiled yet, if you find that your child doesn't like it, add some apple juice and then each time you make it add a little less apple juice. You can also add less spinach at first and work you way up.


sariqd said...

You have me intrigued...

troybec said...

Ahh, plain spinach worked for Popeye, he didn't need a vegie mixer thingy!!

Way to be healthy

Packer Family said...

Actually Popeye ate it cooked and canned! And I doubt any of us could chug a can of spinach:)