Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Bean Veggie Tacos!

This is an absolute Favorite at our house! We have had lots of non vegetarian friends over who loved it!

What you will deed:

Taco shells, how ever you like them! We do Corn tortillas fried and salted

1 Bag of Morningstar Crumbles

1 Can of Dark Red kidney beans

1 Can of black beans

1 packet of Taco seasoning

Ketchup (secret ingredient, shhhhh)

1 Can of refried beans





Pour Crumbles, taco seasoning(follow packet instruction for how much water to add), and a good squirt of ketchup into a skillet start heating on medium while you open the kidney beans and black beans. Drain and rinse to get all of the sugars and preservatives off and add half a can of each to the skillet, Mix the rest together in a Tupperware and save for next time or as a snack for the kids, Caden loves them fresh out of the fridge. Set the skillet to a nice simmer, stirring occasionally while you cut lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and heat the refried beans(Microwave, I'm lazy!). You can build your taco however you want but the Packer family style is; Tortilla, refried beans, taco mixture, cheese, lettuce and tomato! This is a delicious meal packed with protein and by adding the inexpensive beans it fills it out add makes the more expensive Veggie crumbles go a long way! Let me know if anyone tries it!

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Jewelianna said...

Where does one find these veggie crumbles? lol - I think it's painfully obvious that we don't eat enough vegetables.

I'm excited to try this out and see what Mike thinks.

Keep 'em coming!