Monday, August 11, 2008

Do I look Fat????

This is a question my husband hears weekly from me but I'm getting better. For a lot of us weight gain and loss is an issue!!! Here are my tips for weight loss that have worked for me and many others. Just so you know, I break all of the rules, I am not perfect!

1. Sugar is Sugar is Sugar!! When I say sugar you may picture a bowl of refined white powder but sugars are in everything! When you eat bread the Carbohydrates turn into sugars in your body. Sugars and fats are the easiest things for your body to burn for energy so if you cut them out for a while you body will take it's energy from your fat stores. Once you have got your weight to where you want it you can add back in healthy sugars and Carbs like Oat meal and whole grains even then you need to watch how much you consume.

2. Calories!!! A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. If you give you body more units of energy than you burn, it stores it as fat! I don't believe in counting every calorie I eat during the day but I did for a little while until I understood just how many calories I was consuming. For instance, one of my favorite lunches was a whole box of Mac and Cheese with two Veggie Hot Dogs in it!!!! I know right! That gave me 1,390 calories!! That is almost my entire recommended daily value of calories for a person my size! I did this with a lot of my "favorite" meals and now can no longer eat any of them because I just can't stomach eating that many unneeded calories. If you want to find out how many calories you favorite meals are go to Nutrition

3. High water / Low sugar fruits. Apples, oranges, bananas and other sweet fruits are so yummy and trick us into thinking we are eating "healthy". Sorry to burst your bubble but, most of those fruits have been breed to have more sugars and less nutrients so that they will be more appealing to the customer! The fruits that I speak of are tomatoes, cucumbers, Bell peppers, and many more! These fruits have less calories and sugar and a lot more nutrients!

4. Dark Leafy Greens, what can I say it's what we are made to eat. You don't even have to count these calories, have as much as you want just don't cook them to death and chew well so you get all of the goodness!

5. Remember that the world is working against you! Sorry! Everywhere you hear advertisements for junkie food and even things that seem good for you like 100% fruit juice(sugar). I try to look at it like Satan is trying to get me to mess up this wonderful body my Heavenly Father gave me and I'm not going to let him.

6. Read the word of Wisdom everyday! There are promises in there that will encourage you and give you strength!

So those are my tidbits, do with them what you will.
Please leave a comment when you read this, I would like to get an Idea of who is reading this blog and I would love to hear any tips that have worked for you. If it is OK for me to comment on your comment please say so. Thanks!

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Cari said...

One of the things that has heped me the most is "repenting" when I've made a mistake in my eating. I don't just give up and scarf down whatever I want. I acknowledge that I've made a mistake and then I start over.

If you want to comment on my comment you are welcome to do so.