Monday, August 4, 2008

My Goal...

I'm worried that I may have offended people, not just those that have commented to me but others who remain silent.

In my Last post I wrote,

"The Lord says in section 89, "And it is pleasing unto me that they should not be used, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine." This makes it clear to me that Heavenly Father does not want me to eat animals except for in the dire times that he lists."

I offered up this scripture as Heavenly Father telling us that it would please him if we would not eat animals unless we are in times of winter, or of cold, or of famine. I stand by that. However, I don't believe that anyone should "Convert" to a vegetarian diet by my interpretation alone. Please read section 89 and fast and pray about it. I did and my answer was over whelming (Story for another time) No one can tell anyone how to live their life, because we have free agency we can choose our own paths. I started this blog as an outlet to bear my testimony of what I know to be true. If you have a strong testimony of anything (Christ, the Church, prayer, fasting, or family) It burns in you to share it, right? That is exactly what I am doing, and I feel really good about.

I do not feel good about the idea of offending anyone or making any one feel uncomfortable so I will not use a comment from anyone in my posts because I no longer think it is a good idea. Unless you'd like me to, then you can say so in your comment. If anything in this blog is not to your liking then you can dismiss it as Samantha's rantings and move on :) I love to bear my testimony and this is a very comfortable way for me to do it. I love this Gospel, I love this Church, and I know with all my heart it is true!
Here is a pretty picture of flowers to lighten the mood!

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Cari said...

Hi I'm a friend of Julie's, my name is Cari, and I came upon your blog because I was reading hers. I really appreciate your opinion. I have started to eat less meat because of some of the things you have posted. Thank you for expressing your feelings and sharing recipees. I have a request: do you have a recipe for hummus? If so would you please post it? Thanks!