Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our first ripe cantaloupe!!!!!

I hand been out in the garden smelling my melons(never thought I would say that sentence) for weeks now and they all smelled like dirt??? I was beginning to think it was a myth that you could smell the sweetness of the melon when it was ripe. But sure enough I sniffed this bad boy and it smelled SWEET! I was so excited that I ran inside with it and woke up my kids from their nap so they could eat it. It was BIGGER than my 3 year olds head!


Since I promised to show my mistakes on this blog…

…here is a melon that I was too impatient to not pick a few weeks ago! It smelled like dirt…


And it was GREEN

They boys were so bummed!

The Chickens LOVED it!


HOW to Pick a Ripe Melon:

1. Smell it! It will smell sweet I promise, just wait!

2. More tan then green

3. Slips from the vine (not necessarily on all kinds of melons)

4. Where the flower was should give slightly when pressed!

Happy Melon Picking!


summer said...

This is awesome!!! Good to know!
I love cantalope!!!

Cathy said...

its the same for picking them out in the stores...if you can't smell sweet, you can guarantee that it won't taste all that great.

Good Job on your mad gardening skills!!