Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicken Treat #2

My poor girls have been cooped up in their coop and run(they are usually 100% free range). We just planted our Rye grass and they don’t bother the seed to much(wild birds do! Grrr) but the girls love the freshly tilled soil to scratch around in and that means they up root all the my grass. So they are confined until about a half hour before bed. I let them out and keep an eye on them. If the start to scratch I scare them off and then they put them selves to bed and I close it up.


So while they are cooped up I try to give them more treats then usual. I bought them some meal worms at Pratt’s Feed Store the other day and they went bonkers! I also toss out a head of lettuce here and there. Today’s treat was my sisters idea. When you eat a cantaloupe(ours was fresh from our garden) and you scoop out the seeds, guts and all. Lay them out in a planter cover with a little soil and water itSmile. In about a week our so it will look like this…


The girls were interested…


A few more caught on…


Pepper Jumped right in! Anyone know what kind of chicken she is? She lays small off white eggs? And she is pretty small.


They picked it CLEAN! It makes me feel good to know that they are getting some good fresh greens in their dietSmile


The planter I used was 1’by 6” by 6”. I think a cake pan would work well? I am going to try a cucumber next Smile

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Claire said...

First- your yard looks amazing! The grass has filled in nicely. Second- awesome idea for chicken treats! I'll have to try that some time. My chickens are loving bananas! They almost fight over them every time I throw some in the coop. Lucky for the chickens, my little one only eats about half a banana in each sitting, so there is plenty left for the chickens.